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International Superyacht Society—Awards of Distinction—Descriptions

Business Person of the Year —Nominations from industry and ISS board with ISS Board making finalist selection.
The ISS Business (Person) of the Year is awarded to those demonstrating excellence in their area of superyacht expertise within the previous year.

Distinguished Crew Award sponsored by Westrec Marinas —Nominations by the yachting industry; selection is made by a panel of judges.
Recognizes yacht crew whose distinguished acts of service best exemplify the standards to which professional yacht crew aspire within the previous year.

Technology Award sponsored by Naiad Dynamics —Nominations from the industry; ISS board members vote to determine finalists.
Open to every aspect of technological innovation in our Industry—the Excellence in Technology award is given to an individual or business that has demonstrated advancement in their technological endeavors within the previous year.

Fabien Cousteau Blue Award sponsored by Oceanco — Celebrating Active Stewardship of Marine Ecosystems—Nominations by owners and yachting industry; selection by panel of judges.
The ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award celebrates stewardship of marine ecosystems. Environmental leadership, global oceanic conservation and resource preservation are prerequisites for nomination. The integration of environmental technologies and resource management with the goal of setting achievable standards and models for wide adaptation in the design, engineering and building of large yachts—and the use of the Earth’s waterways—are essential criteria.

Artisan Award sponsored by Quantum — Nominations by the yachting industry; selection is made by a panel of judges.
Artisans are found in all aspects of yacht construction: holding a welding torch or a chisel, working with needle and thread or precious materials. Their work may be permanently on display in the finished vessel, or out of sight, reliably delivering the high performance we have all come to expect.

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