Nomination Process

2019 Awards of Distinction Nomination Form

Yacht Design Awards

After builders and yacht designers enter eligible yachts through the registration process, one individual only will be given a specific password so that they will represent the given vessel. This individual takes on full responsibility for administration of that particular vessel’s information. This individual adds the Nominee detail requirements which should include:

  • Name
  • Length
  • Builder
  • Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Naval Architect
  • Exterior Stylist
  • Up to (20) JPEG format photos of the vessel that completely feature the entire interior and exterior of vessel.
  • Include additional photos of all technological and innovative features that are noteworthy and which the judges will find of interest.
  • Complete Vessel Description: one to three pages long explaining why the yacht is an outstanding design. (We suggest you place description material in a format that will allow you to easily copy/paste on-line.)
  • Detailed set of deck layout drawings for each level (JPEG format only)
  • Copyright and Privacy: have full permission from the Owner, Photographer, or any other possible copyright interest, that the information posted is allowed to be presented to the public website (a note that we have a private viewing sector for judges) for members voting purposes.
  • Provide permission to show five (5) high resolution photographs to be displayed at the Design Awards Gala, and one (1) to be used for printed program and newsletter if yacht is voted by membership to be a finalist.

Yacht Design Awards Judging Process

ISS Members select five (5) finalists that they deem to be the "Best Designs" from each of the six categories nominees listed below.

The nominations are tallied and the top five (5) in each category are designated the finalists.

All finalists are then asked to review and add information if needed for the complete design awards package which will then be analyzed by the Design Awards Distinguished Panel of 12 Judges.

Each Judge is asked to work within a specific and anonymous points system for each vessel; results are tallied by the Awards Committee Chair to determine the winner for each category.

Winners are announced at the ISS Design & Leadership Awards Gala scheduled annually for the opening night (Wednesday) of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

2021 ISS Yacht Awards and Awards of Distinction Eligibility

Yachts to be nominated by Yacht Builders, Designers & Refit Yards only

  • Eligible vessels must be custom built and 24 meters (78ft+) and up
  • Completed, launched and delivered between Juanuary 01 2018 through December 31 2018.
    • Power 30m-45m
    • Power 45m-65m
    • Power 65m-80m
    • Power 80m+
    • Passenger Yacht Code-PYC Award
    • Sail 25m-45m
    • Sail 45m+
    • Best Interior – Power or Sail
    • Best Refit – Power or Sail

ISS Leadership Award — Nominations sought from ISS Board of Directors and the Previous Leadership Awards Winners whom also serves as the Judges with the previous year winner being the Committee Chairman - sponsored and presented by the Robb Report.

This Award honors an individual (or company) whose distinctive work and commitment to the industry has contributed to the growth of the superyacht community worldwide over the years. The Leadership Award is chosen by the Previous Award Recipients to honor a new award recipient to this distinctive group of Esteemed Industry Individuals.

Technology Award — Nominations by the Yachting Industry

Open to every aspect of the industry—from crew training to technological advances to environmental stewardship—the Excellence in Technology award is given to an individual or business that has demonstrated innovation in their endeavours within the previous year.

Person/Business of the Year — Nominations by the Yachting Industry

The ISS Business (Person) of the Year is awarded to those demonstrating excellence in their area of superyacht expertise within the previous year.

Distinguished Crew Award — Nominations by the Yachting Industry

Recognizes yacht crew whose distinguished acts of service best exemplify the standards to which professional yacht crew aspire within the previous year.

ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award — Nominations by Owners and Yachting Industry

The ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award — Celebrating Active Stewardship of Marine Ecosystems

The ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award celebrates stewardship of marine ecosystems. Environmental leadership, global oceanic conservation and resource preservation are prerequisites for nomination. The integration of environmental technologies and resource management with the goal of setting achievable standards and models for wide adaptation in the design, engineering and building of large yachts—and the use of the Earth’s waterways—are essential criteria. Nominations come from the industry. Voting for five finalists is conducted by active ISS membership and the ISS Board of Directors; a panel of judges rates finalists with Fabien Cousteau takes an active role in assessing nominees’ qualifications and environmental mission and making final selection if need be.

Artisan Award — Nominations by the Yachting Industry

ISS is pleased to be able to bring this award into existence with the supporting sponsorship of Quantum Marine Stabilizers. The finest artisans are those that both produce exemplary work and are relentless in their drive to be the best that they can, constantly developing their art, sharing their skills and experience while delivering on time and on budget. Artisans are found in all aspects of yacht construction: holding a welding torch or a chisel, working with needle and thread or precious materials. Their work may be permanently on display in the finished vessel, or out of sight, reliably delivering the high performance we have all come to expect. Across such a broad array of diverse talents is the common element of what truly makes an Artisan. Help us seek out the shining stars in our industry.