Dan Lenard’s Solo Transatlantic Voyage to Raise Awareness for Ocean Conservation2/27/2019

Dan Lenard’s Courageous Solo Transatlantic Voyage to Raise Awareness for Ocean Conservation

---Jill Bobrow, Board Member ISS

Dan Lenard, founding partner of superyacht design studio, Nuvolari Lenard, will be arriving this weekend in Fort Lauderdale after completing a solo transatlantic sailing expedition to raise awareness of global ocean pollution.

Lenard left Cadiz, Spain on January 20 in Scia, a 33-foot (10 meter)“repurposed” carbon fiber sailing yacht of his own design (with no engine) that was constructed from the remnants of five abandoned projects.

Lenard, who grew up sailing, is making this courageous voyage unaided by electronics of any sort— no GPS! For the Atlantic crossing, he will be using sunrise, sunset and the stars to guide him in his navigation. (He does not even have a sextant). Lenard will only use charts to navigate once he reaches the Caribbean.

Lenard has self-funded his non-profit solo transatlantic expedition, which is called La Vite e Vela, with the intent of raising awareness of the plight of the world’s oceans. By making the journey completely unaided by technology, Lenard hopes to promote the “pure form” of sailing “where the whole idea is about the wind, nature and a connection with the marine environment.”

“The worst thing about the trip is likely to be the food, with a diet consisting predominately of cereal and powered milk, “a big nice piece of Spanish black ham”, and of course, some wine and beer, said Lenard before he set sail. All Lenard’s food has been repackaged into containers to ensure there will be no single use plastic or bottled water on board.

Lenard made first landfall in Antigua last week at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. In a brief telephone interview, he said, “Sailing unattended for so long on such a light boat is very challenging, you realize you are really the architect of your destiny. Every maneuver costs effort because everything moves. You have to program everything.”

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