ISS Initiatives

Our Board sets out strategic goals that are designed to deliver or support our mission. A part of this activity is to take actions to deliver progress and, in particular, to pick up industry wide issues. In many cases we are able to work with other associations to drive to a positive conclusion and in in some cases we take the initiative to lead or facilitate a work project for the industry at large.

Current Initiatives

Superyacht Associations’ Alliance:

Working together our industry’s associations can have a greater impact on broad issues than when working in isolation. The ISS has facilitated a collaborative approach and convenes regular meetings in Europe and the USA to identify areas of common interest and to update each other on the progress made in specific areas.

Industry Ethics:

Addressing the very real concerns that those inside and outside this industry have regarding business practices has led to an industry consensus on the Principles for good business and the development of a set of practices that show how we can all bring these Principles into our day-to-day activities. Many individuals, companies and associations support this approach and have made their commitment to put these Principles into practice. More...

Media Reporting on Superyachting:

Much of the non-yacht industry media reporting is negative. None of this recognises the important contribution made by the superyacht industry to national economies and local employment. Gathering information and shaping a consistent message for us all to deliver outside this industry has been an ongoing task. External media is not generally receptive to the Superyachts = Jobs message, but there have been some successes along the way [example: Financial Times article September 2013]

Past Initiatives

Large Yacht Code:

The ISS Technical Committee, Chaired by AJ Anderson, gathered input from ISS members in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific to build a clear consensus on opportunities for code improvement. This was fed into the review process through direct participation in the MCA Workgroups.

Italian Berthing Tax:

As strong consortium of industry associations made a consistent and clear representation to the Italian Government, outlining how the beneficial economic impact of visiting superyachts would be negatively affected if their proposed tax revisions were to be implemented. The Italian Government revised its plans in line with the recommendations from this industry.