Strategic Objectives

Our Mission is to Ensure Sustainability & Excellence in the Global Yachting Industry

Strategic Objectives
[These are the things that we are either doing now or are planning to start doing within the 3-5 year period]


  • Profit = Action
    • Grow our Marketplace
      Work with industry partners and associations to develop and implement a programme of activities to position Superyachting favourably in order to promote a positive awareness in new potential clients.
    • Engage with Regulators
      Actively participate in setting/amending regulations—in cooperation with other associations—to increase congruence with the needs of the Superyacht Industry.
  • People
    • Promote New Talent Outreach Capture
      and circulate Best Practices in the presentation and promotion of Superyacht Industry career opportunities (afloat and ashore) to educational and vocational institutions.
    • Engender Professional Collaboration
      • Deliver a series of events across the year and around the globe to bring industry professionals together to meet and network.
      • Facilitate collaboration between multiple industry associations on industry issues through a structured series of meetings across the year.
    • Facilitate Education and Development
      • Arrange seminars and panel presentations on key topics at appropriate venues.
      • Participate in conferences and symposia to present key industry information and insight.
  • Planet = Environment
    • Collaborate on SMART Yachting concept
      Work with leading associations and individuals in this field to develop and promote a concept that will actively demonstrate the ways that superyachts can and do reduce their environmental impact.
    • Support those organisations that have an ocean advocacy mission and approach compatible with Superyachting.


  • Promote Professionalism
    Deliver programmes to capture qualification, certification and activity history for individuals working in the Superyacht industry.
  • Business Practices
    Develop and implement a broad industry programme to define and promote good business practices specific to Superyachting.
  • Recognition through Awards
    Deliver an annual peer-reviewed awards programme for this industry:
    • Leadership
    • Design
    • Business
    • Innovation
    • Environment
    • Distinguished Crew
    • Artisan Award

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